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PA West Coaching Licensing Requirements

By Viktor Gotz – Director of Coaching and Player Development As of the Fall, 2015 soccer season, coaches of U5/U6 and U9/U10 age groups must earn coaching credentials by successfully completing PA West licensing/certification programs. The minimum licensing requirement for coaching these … Continue reading

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What it Takes to Play Edinboro

by Sue Neff – Past President So you want to take a team to play in the PA West Open Tournament at Edinboro University? Each spring, PA West organizes an open tournament for any interested travel teams at Edinboro University, about … Continue reading

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NASC Behavior Standards

There are over one thousand kids playing in our club each season and there are inevitably a wide range of expectations that parents have for their experience in the club.  In most cases, your child’s coach is your main interface … Continue reading

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First Aid Apps

Most coaches, and I’d bet most parents at this point, have a smartphone and internet connection as they are on the sidelines.  So why not use that to our advantage with some helpful free apps?  There are some paid apps … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

“Elevator speech” is a term used to describe how you’d get your point across in a short time window, such as obviously the time from when you see someone on an elevator until one of you departs and goes on … Continue reading

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Occasional Tragedy

You may have heard about the recent tragedy in Utah where a player’s violent reaction to a ref’s call resulted in the ref dying.  Luckily, it’s newsworthy because of its rarity, but no less tragic to those of us that … Continue reading

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Hitting Mid-Season Stride

We’re getting to the point where we should have some ideal conditions for youth soccer.  The weather is improving and the kids are getting used to their teammates and roles.  This is where they need the space to lead themselves … Continue reading

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Creating a Positive Environment for your Youth Soccer Team

Coaching is a lot like parenting – its a journey of learning that is about developing the kids, but can be so rewarding when you step back enough to enjoy the experience yourself.  On the field you are surrounded by … Continue reading

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